Crazy Feet Trio

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Fountains at Millbrook, 79 Flint Rd,, Millbrook, NY 12545

Crazy Feet Trio will be playing easy-on-your-ears jazz and swing at The Fountains on Jan 1, 2018. The residents are very active, and the management has encouraged me to alert the swing dance community. There is a nice floor and lots of space for dancing, and it’s free! Who knew? Crazy Feet Pete on guitar and vocals, Ben Basile bass, Keith Gurland sax. Hope to see you there!

Directions: Take Route 82 north, turn right onto Camby Rd (aka Route 90). Go about 3 miles to Flint Rd, where you turn left. After a short distance you will see a cluster of buildings arranged in a “U” shape on the left, served by a semi-circular drive. We play in the building on the left.